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Travel (something I love but haven't done)


Well, as most of you have traveled here there and everywhere. I have not. I'm never been anywhere but GA, FL, TX and AL and let me say this, they aren't much different than one another. Tennessee is where I live at the moment and so far it is the most beautiful. The air is cleaner than GA, the country side is more beautiful. The people are a little more generous, and the accent is cute when they say certain things, lol, like mater-tomato, tater-potatoes, baccer- tobacco and youns, instead of saying you all or yall. Georgia is more of an urban place to live. There are more hip hop-ish people there. You know what I'm saying. I use to have that ghetto accent from being around the urban community for so long, but sense i moved here, I'm definitely letting my country bumpkin accent flourish lol.

I would love to travel somewhere different though. I love the beach but I know what a beach consists of considering I've been to Tybee island s…