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I'm SO new to this blogging thing!

Some of you may have this blogging thing down-pat. Well this is my first attempt so bare with me. I am going to be reviewing items, giving tips on parenting, gardening, style, makeup, you name it, I'm going to tell you about it. I am a very creative girl who LOVES coming up with new stuff and I can't wait to share some of the things I come up with, with you! 
Now here's the thing, I'm a sweepstake LOVER and I enter a lot of giveaways myself. I'm assuming you like winning free things also, am I correct? 
Anyway, when I get enough followers and once I figure this thing out I'm going to be having giveaways as often as I can so stay tuned.


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Broadway Colors Matte Lip Lacquer Review

I got this little deal for $3 at Dollar General. The color pictured is " Apple Picking." I really love this product it definitely lives up to its advertisement! The color is very vibrant and stays put. It has a lip applicator it is not an actual lipstick more so like a lip paint. It DOES stain the HELL out of walls though lol! My little boy got ahold of it and did some artwork! If you are an addict of makeup like ME you really need to try this lipstick! It's beautiful! I give this product 5/5 stars as far as quality and affordable makeup goes! Definitely go down to Walmart or your local Dollar General and get your hands on this! I'm planning on going back to the store and picking up some different shades to try!

Run To The Dark Side (Blog & Giveaway)

This Blog is a great blog to follow. Run To The Dark Side! She's hosting a giveaway for kitchen scales so you can start to eat right and lose weight like I'm sure a lot of you want to do just like me!

Sense I'm new to this blog and just started following it TODAY I really don't know much else to say about it, except she is very kind to be hosting such an amazing giveaway for us and you should start to follow her as well just as I have done so today! I'm posting the link to her giveaway HERE in hope that you go enter as well!