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Secret Fresh Collection

I got to sample the Secret Fresh Collection in Cool Waterlily courtesy of Crowdtap. You should sign up for this because it's for consumers like you and I and they give you the chance to voice your opinion as well as sample the newest products for free. SIGN UP FOR CROWDTAP HERE
I sampled this deodorant and let me tell you, it is the best smelling deodorant for a woman I have ever tried!  

It comes in gel & Invisible solid for those of you who like only one of the two.
There are 11 different scents including Cool Waterlily, Luxe Lavender and Boho Berry!
You can check it out yourself by clicking HERE

I think anyone would be intrigued to wear these scents, (maybe even men, lol) I just wanted to write a review on my blog because as soon as I escape from this apartment, I'm goint to be trying one of their other scents as soon as my hubby gets off of work and takes me to the store! If YOU have tried any of the FRESH COLLECTION please comment below and let me know what you think about it yourself! 


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I got this little deal for $3 at Dollar General. The color pictured is " Apple Picking." I really love this product it definitely lives up to its advertisement! The color is very vibrant and stays put. It has a lip applicator it is not an actual lipstick more so like a lip paint. It DOES stain the HELL out of walls though lol! My little boy got ahold of it and did some artwork! If you are an addict of makeup like ME you really need to try this lipstick! It's beautiful! I give this product 5/5 stars as far as quality and affordable makeup goes! Definitely go down to Walmart or your local Dollar General and get your hands on this! I'm planning on going back to the store and picking up some different shades to try!

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2. Reuse old sandwich meat containers instead of buying Tupperware... We throw away so many containers that could be reused.
3. Separate your plastic, aluminum and glass... You can help the recycling companies by recycling your old trash so it doesn't go to the landfill and become more waste.
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This isn't all you can do but this is just a few things... Try and make a few changes and no matter how small it seems, you can help a lot by doing them.